The Coolest New Thing in the World!

In an attempt to achieve some sort of consistency, I’m going to try to start cranking out regular posts on Tuesdays. This will give me the whole weekend to try to think up something interesting and leave then Monday for editing. If it works really well, I might up the ante to 2 entries a week. But that’s only if I start to get ambitious. As I’ve said before, it’s not a lack of ideas, it’s a lack of sitting my but in a chair and typing them out.

I came up with this brilliant Tuesday plan today… only to realize that, in fact, today is Tuesday. I’m amazing, aren’t I? So instead of making you wait a whole week to be subjected to one of my lovely little essays, I decided instead to point you in the direction of… THE COOLEST NEW THING IN THE WORLD!!!

Friends and readers probably already know that I am a fan of Ok Go. They have a new album out called Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, which has some amazing songs on it. The album is named after General A.J. Pleasonton’s The Influence of the Blue Ray of the Sunlight and of the Blue Colour of the Sky, published in 1876. As if that isn’t random enough, the album art is filled with a wide array of color-coded charts, graphs, and patterns which compare the song lyrics to a passage from that book. They compare things like sentence length, syllables, and words common to both texts. It is a level of geek that few bands ever embrace and it makes me love them just a little bit more!

But that is not the coolest new thing in the world. And it is not the actual songs on the record (although they are really great and highly recommended by yours truly). No, the coolest new thing in the world is their video for All Is Not Lost. Now Ok Go is already known for their quirky videos (treadmills, anyone?) and their attempts to be interactive with their audiences. But they have truly taken things to a higher plane this time.

In a collaborative project with Pilobolus Dance Theater, director Trish Sie, and Google (that’s right, you read that), the video uses an experimental format called HTML 5. It runs in your web browser (unsurprisingly, they recommend you use Google Chrome for best results) and can be accessed at The video lives up to the band’s reputation and the song is beautiful, infinitely hopeful with a rumbling baseline I haven’t been able to get of my head for weeks now. But the best part, the thing that elevates the video and makes it a totally new experience, is this: You get to enter in your own message at the beginning and it will show up at the end! When I heard about this I was skeptical and thought, “Yeah right, it’s probably just some little programming script that spits what you write back at you in a silly font.” Boy, was I wrong! It is something else entirely. But you’ve got to see it to understand.

So here are your instructions: follow the link I stuck above, enter your message, press play, and prepare to be blown away. It is worth it! (If you don’t have Google Chrome on your computer, you can download it for free at Go! You won’t regret it, I promise.

Ok, if you really don’t want to download Chrome, here is the static video. Still a beautiful song and a neat video, but not the same.

And for those of you not sure, here’s a little behind the scenes video to whet your appetite:

And that, my friends, is THE COOLEST NEW THING IN THE WORLD!!!


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