The Award for the Best Song in a TV Show…

Ok, I admit it. I’m taking things a bit easy this week with the blog. Last week’s post was massive compared to my usual inane chatterings on music. Between research, writing, and revision (lots of revision), I lost the lion’s share of a weekend. I shut myself away with my ear phones blaring 60’s music on repeat for hours. It was literally like I was back in grad school working on a major paper! This isn’t meant to sound whiny or anything. I worked really hard on my little treatise and I’m very proud of it. But I must say that it’s been a bit of a crazy week around here, what with major spring cleaning (long overdue, I can assure you), dead mice (and panic!), and today a freaking earthquake! So instead of another editorial on developing music trends or a casual walk down my musical memory lane, I thought I’d give you a little treat.

Placement of music in film is very important and a song can easily make or break a scene. I know I could write a term paper on the subject (and let’s face it folks, someday I probably will), but tonight I’m just going to give you one good example of a well placed song. Fans of the Cartoon Network show Symbionic Titan may already be familiar with this one, but how can you go wrong with a huge robot locked in battle with a towering alien monster set to Space Age Love Song by A Flock of Seagulls? Well in my opinion, you simply can’t. So enjoy!

And because I love this song and just can’t resist, here’s the original music video from 1982! The hair is classic!

What is your favorite epic music scene from a movie or tv show? Is there a song that absolutely ruined a scene?


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