It’s been one of those days

Have you ever had one of those days? The kind where you feel like you’re dragging around more than your usual baggage? You start second guessing every little decision and find yourself dissecting every email or text message for hidden meanings. You fear that people think you’re a clod. And deep down inside you find yourself agreeing with them. It’s a bad scene and today it was kinda my scene. I hate those kinds of days because it can be so hard to talk yourself out of it.

No, nothing really happened. People still like me, my marriage is sound, my job is secure. I’ve just been working really hard lately and avoiding sleep when I could really use it. And most people have a tendency to beat themselves up when they are tired. So I’m going to try to take my own advice and hit the hay early. I promise I’ll post some length treatise next week about the cultural significance of Rush.  (You think I’m kidding?) But for tonight, I will leave you with a song that perfectly reflects the black rain cloud that has been hanging over my head all day.

I give you The Reeling by Passion Pit, a wonderful little electropop outfit from Cambridge, MA. They got their start during my own days wandering around Cambridge, which always makes me feel inexplicably pleased. Almost a sense of kinship, if you will. In this song, lead singer Michael Angelakos strikes the perfect balance between dance-ably upbeat and existentially questioning. He cries out to the listener, “Look at me, oh look at me. Is this the way I’ll always be?” The video is colorful and gorgeous, calling to mind the magazine collages you might have made in high school art classes. And the significance of the constantly peeling layers plays right into the analytical tone set by the lyrics.

Do you have a “one of those days” song?


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