Johnny 5 is still alive

Please excuse my radio silence during the last few weeks. If anyone figures out what happened to the month of June, please let me know because I completely lost the page on it this time around. Granted, that is kind of what happens when one of your non-vital organs unexpectedly decides to go supernova on you. Between an emergency trip to the ER, being admitted for surgery within hours of darkening their doorstep, and the subsequent recovery process that abdominal surgery demands, all of my other pursuits in life came to a complete and sudden halt. I have never been sideswiped like this before and it is almost like I am coming back to life. But I’m still here, my gut has healed, and I am finally starting to feel like a whole person once more. All of this means that the itch to start writing again has finally become too great to ignore.

Given the life-altering events of the last few weeks–along with a few other unexpected hiccups–there is one song that has appropriately been running through my head lately. In the perfect melding of irony, dark humor, and a bit of desperation, This Year by the Mountain Goats is the ideal front-runner in the race for my current theme song. With frontman John Darnielle’s snarky lyrics and his clipped delivery, it is no surprise that this song resonates with something deep in my psyche. Falling somewhere between a battle cry and an oxymoron, he vows “I am gonna make it through this year… If it kills me!” If that isn’t a mantra worth repeating in times of stress, I don’t know what is!

I’m hoping that regular posts will resume next week. In the meantime, give a listen to This Year by the Mountain Goats. Enjoy!


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